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The best backing a product like VolumePills™ can get is that from Healthcare Professionals. VolumePills™ has been endorsed by leading practitioners in their fields.

The single daily use product is quick and effective and has the support of medical practitioners, helping you to increase semen production and sexual satisfaction.

Because VolumePills™ is 100% Natural, it is endorsed by a Doctor, a Psychologist and a Marital Therapist, and now it is also endorsed by a Medical Herbalist with over 40 years experience – you don’t get backing like that unless the product is as good as we say it is!

This is the product you need to boost your semen levels, VolumePills™ is medically-backed and can give you the sexual enhancement you need.

Dr. Marcella Fernandez, M.F.T.

As a marriage and family therapist, much of my practice is comprised of counseling couples. Often, issues relating to fertility and/or sexual satisfaction arise.

Being a woman, I can easily relate to how male fertility is important. I have been researching products that I could trust and rely upon in my clinical practice to recommend to my male patients for the purpose of increasing their fertility. I am confident in the effectiveness of VolumePills™.

After reviewing the ingredients and formula of VolumePills™, I believe it to be extremely effective.


"VolumePills™ contains a range of ingredients that, in my professional opinion, are essential to semen enhancement."

As a component of sexual satisfaction, women innately prefer men who can produce large amounts of semen. In my experience, I can confirm this. I have found that many of the female patients with whom I have spoken and whom I have counseled enjoy sex more when their partner has the ability to produce larger amounts of ejaculate. Knowing that a sexual partner can produce a large quantity of semen can be sexually stimulating, as this triggers a woman’s subconscious desire to pick a fertile mate.

VolumePills™ contains ingredients that I have found to be essential in the promotion of physical and sexual well-being.

A good example of this is the inclusion of Musli and Reishi Mushroom. Musli has traditionally been used to promote sexual well being and desire in India. It is regarded by some as an herbal alternative to Viagra. It also has a reputation for acting without side effects.

Reishi Mushroom, I believe, when combined with all the ingredients found in VolumePills™, promotes the right emotional sense for sexual contact.
Reishi has traditionally been used as a mood-elevating herb. While the other ingredients in VolumePills™ stimulate the production of semen, the Reishi Mushroom elevates the mood of the user, increasing the desire for sexual intercourse.

I recommend VolumePills™ to my male patients who are having any level of dissatisfaction with their sexual partner(s). The results of VolumePills™ have been very positive for my male patients.

Marcella Fernandez, Marriage & Family Therapist, Los Angeles, California USA


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