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You will still have some questions about this great formula, hopefully we have covered most of them here.

Is Volume Pills the right product for you?

Do you want to give your partner the best sex of their life?

Want to give your partner, date or wife the best sex of their life?

Our Frequently Asked Questions have been compiled from previous questions hand;led by our Customer Services Team.

Top Five most frequently asked questions

tick How does VolumePills™ work?
tick Why should I choose VolumePills™?
tick Are VolumePills™ safe?
tick How discreet is VolumePills™?
tick What can an increase in Semen do for me?

1) How does VolumePills™ work?

Volume Pills is a medically approved blend of herbal ingredients, designed to increase sexual desire, stamina and most importantly semen volume. They work on our unique “Plus” principle.

Volume Pills can help to naturally increase testosterone levels in the body which causes the hormones in the body to increase the levels of semen and sperm produced, helping to significantly increase the amount of your ejaculation.

Volume Pills can also contribute to the increase in penile blood flow through opening key capillaries, allowing more blood to enter and more blood to absorb – this creates a stronger, firmer erection.

2) Why should I choose VolumePills™?
Volume is in our customers opinion the best Male Enhancement product on the market today. Customers like you have experienced:

tick You will notice an increase in semen production.
tick Volume Pills is a completely Natural product
tick A product with valid medical backing
tick Fast and Effective results.

Volume Pills has been rated number 1 by Medical Professionals and is guaranteed by us to give you fantastic results or we will give you your money back, making this decision completely risk-free.

There is no risk to us, the majority of people get fantastic results and so will you!

3) How discreet are VolumePills™?

The Volume Pills program, supported by Medical Professionals, is supported because the ingredients are all good for you, and 100% natural.

The ingredients are formulated into the winning Volume Pills formulation in a GMP approved facility, read the complex ingredient section and you’ll understand why the specific ingredients were selected.

We always recommend consulting a GP prior to using a supplement of any kind. If you are taking any medication it is important that you consult a GP first, before trying Volume Pills.

4) Are VolumePills™ Safe?

All Volume Pills supplied by us are completely discreet, we understand your needs for privacy and we do everything to ensure that no-one knows what is inside your package but you.

Credit card charges will appear on your statement as ‘Stand Consultants Ltd’. We work to current Data Protection Laws and we do not pass your details to third parties or take part in spamming campaigns. All information that you provide is done so on a secure server, giving you the confidence that your information is safe.

We use Secpay to process credit and debit cards so we never have your credit card details, and all information that you supply to secpay is done securely.

5) What can an increase in Semen do for me?

The more you ejaculate, the longer the orgasm, the more satisfying the feeling and the ability to go again and again is fantastic. Dr. Michael Carter explains what an increase in semen can do for you.

"Extensive psychological research shows that most women subconsciously desire a man who has the ability to ejaculate a large quantity of sperm."

The increase in your semen volume gives you stronger, longer and more satisfying orgasms and some Volume Pills clients have reported the ability to experience male multiple-orgasms.

6) What are the benefits of only selling online?

By selling this product online only we save you any potential embarrassment of walking into a shop and purchasing the product over the counter. Though Volume Pills is a proactive product and is used by many men who don’t have a problem, they simply want more, some men would get embarrassed at the thought of dealing with a shopping assistant.

Because Volume Pills is sold online we cut out the middle man, so the product you get is the freshest it can be, often made within 8 weeks of your receipt.

If you feel that you would like to speak to someone before placing an order, please call 0800 038 9322 and we will be happy to be of assistance.

7) Are the pills easy to take?

Taking Volume Pills 2 capsules, once a day formula couldn’t be easier, perfect for hectic and busy lifestyles. Try to take the pills at the same time each day and you will get the best results.

Take the 2 pills approximately 30 minutes before food, this helps your bodies digestion, simply take the pills and don’t make any life changes, the product works with you and your lifestyle and gives a great end product.

8) Do you offer a range of shipping options?

We ship locally and Internationally using Royal Mail, we offer free shipping within the UK and our International rate is very competitive.

We also offer a fast delivery option in the UK where you can get your new supply of Volume Pills tomorrow, if you order before 1pm GMT – we understand when you have made this soirt of investment you want to get started straight away.

9) Do you offer a range of shipping options?

Whilst Volume Pills cannot reverse a vasectomy, it can help to increase your general levels of virility, you will get the same erection benefits as someone who hasn’t had a vasectomy.

If you have other medical questions please forward them to our customer services team before you purchase.

10) What are the different order methods?

We make it so easy for you to order, whatever suits you best we can do, order online or by phone.

Order Online


11) The pills, are they the safest way to take the ingredients?

Volume Pills have been developed in capsule form, this is the best way to consume the ingredients, ensuring you get them in the best blend, in the correct quantities and to deliver the best results to you.

Volume Pills have been rated the number 1 on many product comparison websites, try the product without delay to find out why.

12) The pills, are they the safest way to take the ingredients?

It is important to know you have the support of a business behind you, our highly trained staff can help with any questions you may have, setting your mind at ease that you have made the right choice in buying Volume Pills


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